Kelly King

This Week at HOPE!

Kelly King
This Week at HOPE!

December 27, 2017

In Colossians 3, the Apostle Paul speaks of putting on the new self.  As Christians, we must first put off our old nature in order put on the new self and mature in our faith.  We must not only confess the sin in our lives; we must turn from it (we must repent of it) – we must put it off! 

But, this is certainly not easy.  It takes authenticity; it takes community; it requires the help of others in the Body; and it certainly takes the help of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. 

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, C. S. Lewis tells of how a young boy named Eustace becomes a dragon – a very unhappy dragon at that.  Eustace steals a gold armband and puts it on, only to find that his greed turns him into a dragon.  And the armband is excruciatingly tight on his dragon foot.

One night, in the midst of his pain and frustration, Eustace encounters a huge lion who tells the boy to follow it to a high mountain well.  Eustace longs to bathe his aching foot in the cool water, but the lion tells him he must undress first.  It seems silly to Eustace because dragons don’t wear clothes, but then he remembers that dragons, like snakes, cast their skins.

So, Eustace scratches his skin, and the scales begin falling off, and soon his whole skin peels away.  But when he puts his foot in the water, he sees that it is just as rough and scaly as before.  He continues scratching at the second dragon skin and realizes there is yet another underneath.

Finally, the lion says, “You will have to let me undress you.”

Eustace is afraid of the lion’s claws but desperate to get in the water.  The first tear is painfully deep as the lion begins to peel away the skin.  Surely death will follow, Eustace believes.  With the gnarled mess of dragon skin now cut away, the lion holds Eustace and throws him into the water.

Initially, the water stings, but soon it is perfectly wonderful.  Eustace swims without pain, for he's a boy again – and not a dragon – he has a fresh start!

We can have a fresh start like Eustace, as we shed the clothes of our old nature and put on Jesus Christ each day of this coming New Year!  That change may be initially painful for us; but ultimately our life will be full of God’s joy.   


Valley Young Life

We are excited about 2 new ministries in our area:  Young Life at Buffalo Gap High School and Valley Capernaum for kids with special needs.  Please keep these ministries in your prayers!  We are working hard to get kids signed up for our summer camp trips.  Please pray that we would take 200 kids and leaders to these camps this summer....  

  • June 16-21 at Rockbridge (Draft and Waynesboro)

  • July 18-23 at Rockbridge (Fort, Riverheads, Gap, Wilson)
  • Lee will attend one of the weeks above - TBA soon
  • Capernaum - June 16-20 at Carolina Point
  • YoungLives - August 1-5 at Rockbridge


THIS SUNDAY - Pastor Glen will deliver a message, “Departing in Peace," based on Luke 2:25-35.  Join us for worship at 9:30am.  There will be no Sunday School this Sunday.

Annual Congregational Meeting - Please plan to attend our annual meeting on January 21st, immediately after worship.

Nursery Care Needed - We need nursery volunteers during the worship service in 2018. Willing members are encouraged to contact Kelly King as soon as possible at (540) 221-1141 or

HOME GROUPS – if you are not currently in a small home group and are interested in being in one, please contact Pastor Glen or Lynn Scott, our Small Group Coordinator. Please see other information about groups already meeting.


Children's Ministry –As we prepare for the coming new year, we ask that members prayerfully consider volunteering with our children's ministry in 2018.  Let's be disciples and make disciples of the next generation in our church!  Pair up with a spouse or friend and teach a class once a month or every other month.  Your time with these children, eager to learn, will bless you as much as it does them!  Please contact Kelly King at, if you have questions or are available to help.


Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” - Colossians 4:2


Joan Hughes- Please keep Joan in prayer for quick healing from shingles.

Wink Brown- Please pray for healing from her recent hospitalization due to pancreatitis. She is currently at home resting comfortably.

Bill Hamilton –Thank you to the congregation of  Hope Community Church for prayers and support during this time of Bill's cochlear implant; especially to Ron and Pat Layne for their encouragement and support.  We look forward to the activation and the joy that will bring.  Blessings, Bill & Gerry Hamilton

Helen Wilson – Helen has made steady improvements and has appreciated all the prayers and support she has received.

Paige Holder- Paige’s shoulder surgery went well and he is now recovering.  Please keep Paige & Sherry in your prayers.  

Paul Childers– Please keep Paul in your prayers, as he finally has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon today, December 27th!

Rose Parler – Rose would like prayer for her autoimmune disease to be in remission or in control so she can have a needed surgery on her hip.

Shirley and Massie Wright-Please continue to keep Shirley and Massie in your prayers as Massie is under hospice care.


Jim King (father of Sam King)- Thank you for your prayers for Jim this week.  His surgery went well and he was released from UVA today. 

Dillard Laughlin (brother of Beth Laughlin)-Please pray for healing and reduction in pain from back problems. May he also experience encouragement for his mind and spirit during these difficult times.

Jason & Marcella Bennett (son and daughter in-law of John & Judy Bennett) - Please cover them in prayer regarding health concerns.

Libby Wingfield (Linda Ritchie's mom) Libby was transferred to Hospice of the Piedmont on Ivy Road last week.  Please continue to pray for Libby and her family.

Don Acker (brother of Debby Ray) – Please continue to pray for Don.  He is receiving daily IV treatments but he is out of the hospital.  A transplant is tentatively scheduled for January 22.

Walter Sass (Marge’s son)– Pray for Walter with various personal challenges.

Jay & Dede Hamilton – Jay is much more engaged and able to communicate more successfully with the recent adjustment made to his hearing aids. They have decided to move forward with the plans for Jay to have a cochlear implant but to postpone the surgery until March 16. This will give time to determine Jay's quality of life with the hearing aids.


PEOPLE WHO ARE UNCHURCHED in our community; there are people all around us who need the Lord!  Pray that we will truly be salt and light in Waynesboro and beyond!

US Military - Please pray for protection for our soldiers and our country, as well as discernment for our country's leaders.

Communities devastated by the recent hurricanes– Continue to pray for those who have been displaced to receive the life-giving message of the hope we have in Jesus Christ along with material and physical support.

HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH – Please pray for God’s guidance as we discern the possible next location for our church family.  Keep Larry Roberts in your ongoing prayers as he completes his training in becoming an Elder in our church. His term will begin January 2018.

Ruth Graham – Please continue to pray for persecuted Christians around the world.  Pray also for Ruth in working to raise awareness in the Valley of our persecuted sisters and brothers.

The Rev. Dr. Andrew Brunson – EPC teaching elder Andrew Brunson has been imprisoned in Turkey for over a year. Please continue to pray for his release!

Other Prayer Requests:

Parker Staples (son of Cindy Robert's friend)- Parker is a 7 year old boy who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  Please pray for Parker and his parents, Jessica and Jamie.  

The family of Dr. R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries- Let's keep this family in prayer with the passing of R.C. last week.

Jay Dee Clark- Pray for strength and wellness from a stubborn case of pneumonia.

Peter Albert and Julia Bradley (friends of Beth Laughlin)-Please pray for Peter undergoing chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. Surgery was completed to remove the tumor from his pancreas and waiting for results. Julia has completed her radiation treatment for breast cancer.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Thankfully, both are mature Christians.

Corrie Green (friend of Kelly King) – Please pray for Corrie who was diagnosed with breast cancer recently.  She has surgery to put in a port today, December 27.  She will begin 8 rounds of chemo on January 5, followed by 6 weeks of radiation.  Pray also for strength and encouragement for her 8 year old daughter, Marlo and husband, Chris.

Dan Conyers (friend of Blake & Marty Porter) – Please continue to keep Dan in your prayers.  He has been moved to a nursing rehabilitation facility. 

Tammy Lipscomb (friend of Candi Brown) – Praise for the report of ongoing healing of her torn retina. Please pray for continued improvement of the redness in both of her eyes.

Joan Bundy-She sends her thanks for our prayers as she has undergone radiation treatments for breast cancer. Dan Woodworth reported that she is improving in her recovery.

If you would like to add someone to the prayer list or would like to update a prayer concern, please contact Beth Laughlin at 943-0971 or Wink Brown at 540-241-5531.