Kelly King

This Week at HOPE!

Kelly King
This Week at HOPE!

March 1, 2018

In my message this past Sunday I spoke of the importance of repentance.  To repent is to hate sin enough to turn from it.  It means a genuine disgust of our sin, as well as a determination to do differently.  A man once wrote a letter to the Canadian IRS saying, “I haven’t been able to sleep lately because when I filed my income tax I deliberately misrepresented my income.  I am enclosing a check for $150.00, and if I still can’t sleep, I’ll send you the rest.”  That’s not contrition.  Contrition is a deep repentance that takes ownership of one’s sin; an ownership that brings about brokenness.  After King David is confronted by Nathan of his sin with Bathsheba, he states in Psalm 51:3, “For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.”

“How else but through a broken heart may Jesus enter in?”  We read further in Psalm 51:7, “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”  The Hebrew word for “wash” is not the word used for simply washing your face, or rinsing a dish.  It refers to the washing of clothes by beating and pounding them against a rock or a scrub board.  David is praying for a thorough cleansing from sin and from the dullness that it brings.  He prays in Psalm 51:10-12, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.  Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me.  Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

The truly amazing testimony of David’s life is that after his great sin, he repented.  And because of his deep repentance without making excuse, God extends grace and forgiveness.  Unfortunately, he and his family will experience the tragic consequences of his sin.  David’s child, born to Bathsheba, dies.  David’s daughter, Tamar, is raped by her half-brother, Amnon; Absalom, David’s other son, murders Amnon . . . The division of the once unified kingdom begins.

David’s grief must have been compounded by the awareness that his sin had ultimately killed his sons.  Yet, though the consequences of his sin were continually before him, David himself lives with confidence before God the remainder of his days because he understands the importance of repentance and forgiveness.  It is my prayer that we will understand the importance of repentance and forgiveness in our lives. 

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Asaph & Lynn

Please keep Lynn especially in your prayers in the recent loss of her mother whose health had been declining over the past several months.  She was able to return to the US and see her before she passed away.  Pray for their family to stay firmly grounded in Christ in this time of difficulty.

Pray for the upcoming summer camp to be a used by God to equip the leaders, and for God’s hand of protection and strength.  Pray also, for the cricket club leaders in each club, that they may grow in the knowledge of God and for believers to remain firm in their faith in the midst of persecution.

Asaph and Lynn look forward to greeting many at the PMA meeting in April!


THIS SUNDAY-  Pastor Glen will continue the sermon series, on Hosea, the story of God’s amazing love!  His sermon this Sunday is: “Total Depravity,” based on Hosea 7:1-16.  We will also receive the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.  You are encouraged to spend time in self-examination by reading 1 Corinthians 11:27, as you prepare.

Kate Collins Middle School - Thank you so much to all who participated in the Winter Feast dinner and to those who have donated to this mission throughout the month.  The total amount raised to this point is $2508.20!  In this new ministry to Kate Collins Middle School, we need those of you who would be interested in helping with tutoring/mentoring middle school students after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:10pm to 4:00pm.  This is an excellent way to make a difference in a young person's life!  Please call Pastor Glen if you are interested!! Please also continue to pray for these students and the staff at KCMS.  

AXIS night at Ridgeview Christian School - Do you ever feel like your student is growing up in a completely different world than the one you grew up in? Parenting these days feels like it requires a degree in multi-cultural studies. Do you ever wish you could have someone to help translate the culture for you and your family?  You are not alone.  AXIS Night is a free event open to our community in which we will band together to help all students stop renting their faith from their parents and others and start owning their faith for themselves. Monday, March 5th, 6:30 - 8:00.

Bible study/small group opportunity - The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Genesis 12 – 25: Be Obedient: Learning The Secret of Living By Faith.  It is an exciting examination of the foundational truths of faith, sin and relationships through in-depth and practical study. Newcomers welcome!  We meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 11-12:30 at the home of Beth Laughlin, 525 Bader Ave., Waynesboro.  For any further information or questions please call Beth at 943-0971.

Parenting Young Children Through Gospel Principles – A new Bible study, using David Tripp’s book, will meet every other Sunday at 2pm at the home of John & Sarah Todd Severs.  Childcare will be provided.  The next study will be this Sunday, March 4th.  Please contact Tiffany Severs to sign up and receive a book.

BAJA Mission Trip - Dan Woodworth would like to invite anyone interested or those who have questions to attend planning meetings for the trip.  The mission trip will be July 8-14.  The date of the next meeting is Wednesday, March 7th at Olivet Presbyterian at 7pm.


Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” - Colossians 4:2


Beth Laughlin – Praise God that Beth is home and thankful for good health!

Wink Brown- Please continue to pray for Wink as she recovers from gallbladder surgery.

George Wilson – George is now recovering at Moore Rehabilitation Center at the Woodland in Farmville, Va.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Cards and Notes are appreciated: 2003 Cobb Street, Farmville, VA 23901

Joan Hughes- Please keep Joan in prayer for continued healing from shingles.

Paul Childers– Please keep Paul in your prayers as he continues to wait for hip surgery.

Rose Parler – Rose would like prayer for her autoimmune disease to be in remission or in control so she can have a needed surgery on her hip.  Please also pray for finances now that it is a new year with deductibles to be met. 

Dixie McClenahan - Please pray for Dixie regarding some lower left leg pain. She has had an MRI and will meet with the podiatrist the end of the month.


Ruth Graham - Please keep Ruth and her family in your prayers after the loss of her father, Rev. Dr. Billy Graham, on Wednesday, February 21. 

Shirley Wright-Please keep Shirley and the Wright family in your prayers after the loss of her husband, Massie recently.   

Don Acker (brother of Debby Ray) – Please pray for Don as he has developed CMV, that they would be able to control and hopefully rid him of this virus. 

Candi Brown's mom – Please pray for Candi’s mom as she hurt her back caring for her father. 

Neil & Gina (Lowell Gross’ brother & sister-in-law) – Pray for eternal comfort (salvation) and for comfort for Gina, in the recent loss of her father. 

Linda Ritchie Please keep Linda and her family in your prayers for the recent loss of her mother, Elizabeth "Libby" Wingfield.   

Jason & Marcella Bennett (son and daughter in-law of John & Judy Bennett) - Please cover them in prayer regarding health concerns. 

Walter Sass (Marge’s son)– Pray for Walter with various personal challenges. 

Jay & Dede Hamilton – Jay is much more engaged and able to communicate more successfully with the recent adjustment made to his hearing aids. They have decided to move forward with the plans for Jay to have a cochlear implant but to postpone the surgery until March 16. This will give time to determine Jay's quality of life with the hearing aids.


PEOPLE WHO ARE UNCHURCHED in our community; there are people all around us who need the Lord!  Pray that we will truly be salt and light in Waynesboro and beyond! 

HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH – Please pray for God’s guidance as we discern the possible next location for our church family.  

US Military - Please pray for protection for our soldiers and our country, as well as discernment for our country's leaders.

Ruth Graham – Please continue to pray for persecuted Christians around the world.  Pray also for Ruth in working to raise awareness in the Valley of our persecuted sisters and brothers. 

The Rev. Dr. Andrew Brunson – EPC teaching elder Andrew Brunson continues to be imprisoned in Turkey. Ruth Graham shared an update from his wife, urging everyone to continue to pray fervently for his release in the midst of this difficult time!

Other Prayer Requests:

Glenna Cash – Please keep Glenna in your prayers. 

Parker Staples (son of Cindy Roberts’ friend) – Pray for Parker, a 7-year-old diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and his parents, as Parker receives medical care at UVA.  Additional prayers for fundraising efforts going on to support the family.

John (Friend of Bill Flournoy) – Pray for John who had his leg amputated recently.  Pray for strength in the midst of this huge transition. 

Jay Dee Clark- Pray for strength and wellness from a stubborn case of pneumonia. 

Corrie Green (friend of Kelly King) – Please pray for Corrie who was diagnosed with breast cancer recently.  She has reached the half way mark of her chemo treatments and is doing well.  Pray also for continued strength and encouragement for her 8 year old daughter, Marlo and husband, Chris.

Dan Conyers (friend of Blake & Marty Porter) – Please continue to keep Dan in your prayers.  He has been moved to a nursing rehabilitation facility.  

Joan Bundy-She sends her thanks for our prayers as she has undergone radiation treatments for breast cancer. Dan Woodworth reported that she is improving in her recovery.

If you would like to add someone to the prayer list or would like to update a prayer concern, please contact Beth Laughlin at 943-0971 or Wink Brown at 540-241-5531.