Kelly King

This Week at HOPE!

Kelly King
This Week at HOPE!

May 8, 2019

This week in my message, we will be exploring how followers of Jesus are recognized by their fruit.  In Colossians 1:6 we discover how the Colossians have been bearing fruit since they heard the Gospel of hope and truly comprehended the grace of God.  By comprehending the grace of God, they were motivated to bear fruit.  

When we have experienced the grace of God – when we have known of God’s forgiveness – we will desire to bear fruit.  When we realize that there is absolutely nothing we can do or nothing we can bring to God to deserve His favor, it is then we will be motivated to respond with the visible fruit of the Spirit.  

We will return good for evil, and use our discretionary time not by maximizing our fleeting comforts but by devising ways to be a blessing to the lost and suffering.  More and more our whole lives will take on an overflowing and other-directed spirit. 

And God’s love will transform us, our families, and the church; and, as Jesus says, the world will see our good deeds and give glory to our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).  There is no better evangelism in all the world than a church whose hope in God is so strong that they gladly deny themselves in order to meet the needs of others.  May we all be recognized by the fruit God is producing in us!  


ComfortCare Women’s Health: The Stride for Life


It was a beautiful morning to Stride for Life at our new location at the Star Trail and WWRC Lake Pavilion! Whether you participated by walking or running, sponsored someone in the Stride, or prayed for the event, you blessed ComfortCare Women’s Health beyond financial means. It was incredible to see everyone together, unified in body and spirit, and praying over the mission that God has lain upon us. Beyond what you have done for ComfortCare, YOU have made it possible for women and men that need ComfortCare to find and access our services.  

Stride Results: 

The gifts and pledges have now been tallied and we're pleased to report that so far, $65,120.87 has been raised! 

Hope Community Church has raised $1,335! Way to go church!!


THIS SUNDAY - Join us for worship at 9:30am! Pastor Glen’s message will be, “Bearing Fruit,” based upon Matthew 7:15-20.  Please read the text prior to the service. Nursery care and elementary classes are provided on the Chapel floor during the 9:30am worship service.

Adult Sunday School class - You are invited to come join our adult Bible study class immediately following worship in the chapel on the second floor.  We are continuing our study of I Corinthians and expect to complete it soon.  Next, we will study the book of Nehemiah beginning in late-June.  We will use the book “Nehemiah,” part of the wisdom commentary series written by Dr. Stephen Davey, to help us explore this beautiful story of God providing leadership for His people.  If you would like to join us for that study, please let Pat Patterson know of your desire so that we can have a book for your use.  We hope to have the books available a few weeks early for you to read in advance.

We’re Invited - There will be an installation of Rev. Otis Spellman as pastor of Union Baptist Church (Waynesboro) on Saturday, May 25th at 2:00 p.m. at Blue Ridge Chapel Church of the Brethren (19 Browns Lane, Waynesboro).

We’re Hiring - Hope Community Church is seeking to fill 2 part-time, paid positions:Youth Ministries Intern and Church Administrator/Assistant Pastor. Those interested should contact the church at for more information or to submit a resume.