Kelly King

This Week at HOPE!

Kelly King
This Week at HOPE!

August 1, 2018

Making the right choice is a dilemma for many people, including Christians.  How can you and I be certain that we are in God’s will and that the decisions we are making are the right ones?  This is an important subject for all of us, since we all must make important decisions.  Genesis 24 focuses on this topic.  In this chapter, we not only see God providing guidance to His people in an important matter; but we also discover important principles to help us, as we seek God’s guidance. 

1. The first principle for seeking God’s guidance is to know God’s Word – the Bible.  We must know God’s will and purposes to help direct our actions and decisions.  And that knowledge comes first and foremost from God’s Word.  God’s Word reveals God’s plan, principles and purposes.  Without this knowledge, we might as well do whatever we want.

Abraham knew what he was looking for right from the start.  He gave clear instruction to his servant where to find a wife for Isaac – not from the daughters of the Canaanites.  Boundaries had been set because Abraham knew what was right in God’s sight.  Knowledge of God’s Word is the first step in the right direction.

We see Abraham taking steps to see that God’s plan is fulfilled.  God promised to make him a great nation.  Isaac must marry and have children for the covenant blessings to be received.  Abraham understood this, so he did not wait for God’s plan to be fulfilled.  He takes appropriate action; in this case, he begins to look for a wife for Isaac.

Sometimes we think that if God guides us, it means we do not have to do anything.  Like people who are out of work and yet refuse to go look for a job because they are waiting for God to provide a job.  Such thinking is unbiblical.  God wants us to do our part, but to do it while being guided by the knowledge of His Word.

This was what Abraham did!  His search for a wife wasn’t based on human standards or desires but guided by his knowledge of God’s will.  Why did he insist that Isaac’s wife be from his own relatives and not from the local people of Canaan?  Why did he insist on this condition?  Because he knew enough of God’s will to know that God wouldn’t bless a marriage to a Canaanite woman.

There are many situations in life that we do not have a specific command in the Bible, but we are to apply the principles we do know from the Scriptures.  And, make our decision based on the character of God. 

We read in Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  James Dobson told the story about a friend of his, who was a recreational pilot when he was younger.  On one occasion, he flew his single-engine plane toward his home base at a small country airport.  Unfortunately, he waited too long to start back and arrived in the vicinity of the field as the sun dropped behind a mountain.  By the time he maneuvered his plane into position to land, he could not see the hazy runway below.  There were no lights to guide him and no one on duty at the airport.  He circled the field for another attempt to land, but by then the darkness had become even more impenetrable.  For two desperate hours, he flew his plane around and around in the blackness of the night, knowing that probably death awaited him when he ran out of fuel.  Then as greater panic gripped him, a miracle occurred.  Someone on the ground heard the continuing drone of his engine and realized his predicament.  That merciful man drove his car back and forth on the runway to show my friend the location of the airstrip.  Then he let his lights cast their beam from the far end while the plane landed.  God’s Word is like that man’s headlights; God’s Word guides us.  So, the first principle for seeking God’s guidance is to know God’s Word. 

May we be so familiar with God’s Word that as we make decisions personally or as a congregation, we may ultimately honor the Lord!