Larry Roberts

This Week at HOPE!

Larry Roberts
This Week at HOPE!

August 27, 2019

All of us have faced trials in our lives.  Some of us could cite examples from our lives; parental abuse somewhere along the line; circumstances that have left us physically or mentally wounded; unfaithfulness of a spouse; disappointment by our children; people who have shared untrue accusations about us . . . and the list goes on.

As Christians how should we react?  What should we say?  What should we do when hard times come our way – when we are treated unfairly?  The greatest test of the Christian life is our attitude when LIFE DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

For many of us life has been smooth: we have our health, we are relatively prosperous and happy.  But how would you feel if the rug of security were jerked out from under you at this moment?

Shakespeare once said: "He jests at scars who have never felt a wound.”  The classic example of “life isn’t fair” is the story of Job.  The trouble is that we are so familiar with the surface of this story that we haven’t taken the time to know the depths of it.  As we read the story of Job we have to be impressed by his character.  Initially, he was a very rich man.  Someone once said that his livestock today would be worth $6,685,000.00 – a wealthy man.  We read in Job 1:3 that he “was the greatest of all the people of the east.”

He was not only materially wealthy.  He was rich as a family man.  He had seven sons and three daughters.  But the greatest of all his riches was that he was an upright man.  He was a man of integrity!  As we discover in Job 1:1, Job was “blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil.”  Here was a man who was respected by his peers.

Life was at its apex; but suddenly it fell apart.  It is easy to be good when things are going our way.  But how do you react when you are sick?  Not only sick physically, but sick at heart.

I like what C. S. Lewis said in his book, The Problem of Pain, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

The example of Job is continuing to live with integrity, even when hard times come.  We may be surprised by what God may bring in our times of pain and trials, if we are willing to listen.  For example, Lewis Braille was blind from the age of three.  He went to a school for the blind in Paris, France.  And at 19 became an instructor; and then he invented the Braille system.  Would people, who are blind today, be able to read, if Lewis Braille had not grown blind?

People who have been knocked down have said, “We will never survive this,” have gotten up, and God has the most beautiful days of their lives yet to come.  God has used even hard times to help them remember He is God – even when we do not understand.  The question for us is: when hard times come will we have the character of Job? 


Saturday, September 7, 2019

The time is rapidly approaching for Hope Community Church to execute the Saturate Augusta effort on Saturday, September 7th, as one of more than 34 area churches.  It’s a dedicated initiative to put the Jesus DVD into 50,000 households in this county.  Included within the DVD are three videos, one of Jesus through eyewitness accounts; one from Mary Magdalene’s perspective, and the other through the eyes of children who may have lived during the time of Jesus’ ministry.  The package itself includes the Jesus DVD; a list of the participating churches responsible for the effort in Augusta County; a small pamphlet giving direction on having a closer personal relationship with God, and a piece about Hope Community Church, inviting those who receive the package to come join us for worship and hear the truth of God’s word.

We reported to the organizers we had five teams of two persons each, and identified a few neighborhoods close to Kate Collins Middle School for dissemination of the packages.  As it turns out, our brothers at Saturate Augusta provided us with 1,500 copies of the materials for our teams to hand out, representing a much greater area than we had anticipated!  We need all hands on deck!  We can only do what God will allow in His power, but we want to do all we can.  We hope to see everyone involved, even if only in dedicated prayer to support those going out to deliver these packages.  But if you can help deliver, even if only for an hour or two, please join us and contact Larry Roberts to let him know of your availability and willingness to serve.  He will try to try to get you into a team if you don’t already have a partner, and get a box ready for you with packages to be delivered and a map to follow.  We’re not tracking what you are able to deliver, but the organizers are interested in knowing the homes to whom you were not able to deliver, so we’ll have you mark those on your maps and return them to us.

A brief word about deliveries.  We will have the materials packaged into clear bags that are made to hang on door knobs.  They cannot be placed into mailboxes, but can be placed at the base or even on mailboxes (perhaps taped to them), being careful to respect the property.  In most cases, it may be best to utilize the bags design to be hung on the doorknob.  We’re not knocking on doors, nor are we attempting to engage in conversation; rather simply placing the materials there for them to find and hopefully review thoughtfully in their own time.  We pray for that.  We want very much for them to receive and respond to the invitation to come worship with us!

On Saturday morning, September 7th from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the conference room at Panera Bread in Waynesboro, we will have the materials organized into boxes for your team to pick up and begin making deliveries.  This is a very exciting initiative and we pray that our neighbors will respond to the call of Jesus! We pray too, that they will consider visiting Hope Community Church in their response. So let’s determine to give it our absolute best effort in prayer with the Holy Spirit and go to serve Him and this community!  Thank you!

Kate Collins Middle School

Breakfast bars  Granola Bars  Mac'n'cheese cups  Applesauce cups  Fruit cups  Crackers  Goldfish  Juice boxes

We are continuing to collect food for the students at KCMS. There will be a box each Sunday for you to place your donations. Some suggestions for appropriate snacks from Mary Adams at Kate Collins:

Breakfast bars; Granola Bars; Mac'n'cheese cups; Applesauce cups; Fruit cups; Crackers; Goldfish; Juice boxes and/or other healthy snacks to get them through the day, and in some cases, their weekend.

Thank you!


Clothing of Various Types Needed…

John Lilly, Program Director with Middle River Regional Jail has followed up to his visit with us to provide a letter with specifics on what is needed by those incarcerated. He mentions, “Even though the weather is warm now, it will be cold again before we know it. People are often released in winter months who came in during warm months and only have shorts and a t-shirt in their property. Another issue is that many gain weight while they are here and their clothes no longer fit properly.

In an effort to assist these folks, we are taking donations for our clothes closet. We have many more men than women, but are in need of both men’s and women’s clothing. Please keep in mind that the idea of this project is to provide people with warm clothing upon their release, so clothing that stretches or has elastic bands are great, since they can fit various sizes. We have more need for larger clothing than petite sizes (XL and above). We are currently in need of: Shoes/boots; Coats; Sweaters; Pants (sweatpants would be great); Hats; Gloves; Socks, and bras - all sizes (white, biege & tan). These would be for ladies with more time to serve and those being released.

Your assistance with this project for our men and women being released is very much appreciated. If you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to contact me at (540) 245-5420 Ext. 1225 or ‘’ or our Re-Entry Specialist, Mark Neeley, at (540) 245-5420 Ext. 1236 or ‘’.


THIS SUNDAY - Join us for worship at 9:30am in our new location at Kate Collins Middle School! Pastor Glen’s message will be, “Hard Times,” based upon Exodus 14: 1-31.  Please read the text prior to the service. Nursery care and elementary classes are provided during the 9:30am worship service. Follow the signs!

Adult Sunday School class - You are invited to come join our adult Bible study class immediately following worship. We are studying the book of Nehemiah using the book “Nehemiah,” by Dr. Stephen Davey, to help us explore this beautiful story of God providing leadership for His people, especially in rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem, and calling them back into relationship with Him. Come join us, we have extra books available.

It’s a Boy! - Congratulations to Rob and Julie Woosley on the birth of a healthy baby boy, Cullen Grey Woosley, who weighed in at 7lbs, 11 oz.s! Hope Community Church has set up a meal schedule on the website, ‘Take Them a Meal’ ( so please go on-line to the website; under ‘Find', enter the last name ‘Woosley’ and the password ‘5459’. From there, go to the meal schedule, place your curser under the ‘What I plan to bring (or send)’ column, and click to sign up on the days or days that work best for you. Let’s come alongside the Woolsley family and help in a small, but meaningful way, that glorifies God!

Hospitality Committee - We have a table specifically to greet visitors and help others to get connected to the Hope Community Church family! We have information on Salt Shakers, small groups, men's Bible study, upcoming events etc. and have a nice gift for first time guests. We always looking for volunteers to host the table and assist with cookie and coffee set-up. The more smiling faces we have, the smaller the commitment will be. Please see Sarah Todd Severs or Cindy Roberts for additional information.

Help with the Nursery & Elementary Sunday School Classes - Kelly needs help with these classes and is shouldering this burden virtually alone. Please pray about it and consider giving one Sunday per month or even every other month to help build this critically important program for the growth of Hope Community Church!

Dedicated Prayer Group - This small group is focused on engaging the Holy Spirit in prayers for Hope Community Church and on individual needs as they are brought to us, utilizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM. Any questions should be directed to Pat Patterson.

Saturate  Augusta - Please pray for the people in Augusta County who will hear the gospel and for those who will go out to share!  On September 7, we will participate in this mission to our community and we need more help. We have five committed teams of two people, but have received far more materials to address a much larger area than anticipated. We need everyone to participate on some level, so please consider helping! Please see the info table at church to sign up to be part of a Saturate Augusta team. You can find more info about this effort at:

Bless Every Home - As we prepare for Saturate Augusta, we invite you all to visit and sign up to pray for those we will be reaching with the gospel!