Larry Roberts

This Week at HOPE!

Larry Roberts
This Week at HOPE!


September 26, 2019

 As I write this blog post, I am preparing to leave for Florida . . . I know, someone has to do it!!  Actually, I will be attending a Micro Consultation, in which I will be meeting with nine other pastors and a church consultant to consider a strategic plan for our church as we move into the next chapter of our life together.  As I am away this week, I covet your prayers for God to guide me and us as a congregation as we take next steps of living out our vision of being and making disciples of Jesus Christ! It is my prayer that God will do a mighty work through us, as we seek to reach this community with the good news of Jesus Christ . . . and may we see revival break out in our community . . . and beyond!  

 We live in a time when I would suggest there is great spiritual malaise, apathy, and depression – and definitely, we live in a time of gross sin.  We do not need to look far to see the ravages of sin in our culture today.  We see increased killings, child abuse, white collar crime, greed, lust, materialism, homosexuality, adultery, and the lists go on! 

 We also live in a time when in too many cases the church is simply blending into the culture.  We are not truly the salt and light Jesus desires for his church to represent in the world. 

 Kenda Creasy Dean, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary wrote a book a few years back entitled, Almost Christian, which describes the spiritual reality of many churches as “moralistic, therapeutic, deism.”  This view, which is basically supplanting Christianity as the dominant religion in American churches, is defined by the National Study of Youth and Religion in these ways, among others: “The central goal of life is to be happy and to feel good about oneself; God is not involved in life except when I need God to resolve a problem; and good people go to heaven when they die.”  This kind of environment would not see the necessity for revival . . . because everything is alright!         

 And, yet there are people in our culture moved by God’s Spirit who are seeking God’s face for revival and renewal among the church of Jesus Christ.  The question I have for us: Are we expecting revival to break out in Waynesboro, Augusta County and beyond . . . or better yet, are we praying for God to send revival? Then, may that revival start with you and me!!  May this micro consultation in which I participate this week be a helpful process in planning for the movement of God’s Spirit in and through us!!


Mike Adams, Hope Community Church Director for Youth and Outreach, will be standing in for Glen this week to deliver the message. Let us support our brother as he brings the message of the Holy Spirit!


There will be a rally as a follow-up to the Saturate Augusta effort, to be held at Church on the Hill in Fishersville on Monday, October 7th at 6:30 p.m. All who were involved in this collaborative effort are welcome to come, worship and share successes of the day!

Kate Collins Middle School

Breakfast bars  Granola Bars  Mac'n'cheese cups  Applesauce cups  Fruit cups  Crackers  Goldfish  Juice boxes

We give thanks for the on-going donations of food for the students at KCMS. There will continue to be a box each Sunday for you to place your gifts of food, which are greatly appreciated by everyone at Kate Collins Middle School. Suggestions for appropriate snacks from Mary Adams at KCMS:

Breakfast bars; Granola Bars; Mac'n'cheese cups; Applesauce cups; Fruit cups; Crackers; Goldfish; Juice boxes and/or other healthy snacks to get them through the day, and in some cases, their weekend.

In addition to food items, Mary Adams has also asked if we can help with clothing. Some of the most critical immediate needs have been addressed, but she has asked if we could assist with various sizes of sweatpants, ideally with drawstrings, but if not, with elastic waistbands. For middle schoolers, that may include small adult sizes as well.

Thank you!


Clothing of Various Types Needed…

John Lilly, Program Director with Middle River Regional Jail has followed up to his visit with us to provide a letter with specifics on what is needed by those incarcerated. He mentions, “Even though the weather is warm now, it will be cold again before we know it. People are often released in winter months who came in during warm months and only have shorts and a t-shirt in their property. Another issue is that many gain weight while they are here and their clothes no longer fit properly.

In an effort to assist these folks, we are taking donations for our clothes closet. We have many more men than women, but are in need of both men’s and women’s clothing. Please keep in mind that the idea of this project is to provide people with warm clothing upon their release, so clothing that stretches or has elastic bands are great, since they can fit various sizes. We have more need for larger clothing than petite sizes (XL and above). We are currently in need of: Shoes/boots; Coats; Sweaters; Pants (sweatpants would be great); Hats; Gloves; Socks, and bras - all sizes (white, biege & tan). These would be for ladies with more time to serve and those being released.

Your assistance with this project for our men and women being released is very much appreciated. If you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to contact me at (540) 245-5420 Ext. 1225 or ‘’ or our Re-Entry Specialist, Mark Neeley, at (540) 245-5420 Ext. 1236 or ‘’.


THIS SUNDAY - Join us for worship at 9:30am at Kate Collins Middle School! Mike Adams will be standing in for Glen this week, and his sermon will be “Taking the City,” based on Joshua 6: 1-22.  Please read the text prior to the service. Nursery care and elementary classes are provided during the 9:30 a.m. worship service. Follow the signs!

Update on Youth this Past Week (Mike Adams) - Had an amazing time today with Hope Youth @Humpback Rocks! (2700 feet). Thanks to my good friend and brother Gary Parvis and Brother Joe Morse for co-leading!

At the top of the mountain, we talked about Mt. Nebo (2300 feet) and the Promised Land; Jesus, Peter, James and John at Mt. Transfiguration (likely Mt. Hermon 9200 feet), Elijah and the (false) Prophets Of Baal at Mt Carmel (1791 feet), Moses at Mt. Sinai (7500 feet) and finally Jesus at the. Mount of Olives (2710 feet) Where He ascended, and where He shall return!

The High places in scripture held special significance-each its own.

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you”

God bless all of YOU for supporting the Youth and Outreach to the City Of Waynesboro. Prayer is critical. Please pray for God’s annointing/blessing on the Youth Group, pray for the city of Waynesboro - For a great awakening in the City and Revival for God’s people.

Men’s Bible Study - The Men’s Bible Study will again meet at Panera Bread Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. Our study will continue in Romans, Chapter 5, Verse 9. Please plan on getting there a few minutes early and supporting Panera Bread, who provides this space to us at no charge.

Adult Sunday School class - You are invited to come join our adult Bible study class immediately following worship. We are studying the book of Nehemiah using the book “Nehemiah,” by Dr. Stephen Davey, to help us explore this beautiful story of God providing leadership for His people, especially in rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem, and calling them back into relationship with Him. Come join us, we have extra books available.

Take Them a Meal (Julie) - Thank you to everyone who has already provided a meal or who is signed up to provide a meal to the Woosley’s following the birth of their son! There are slots still available on the meal schedule on the website, ‘Take Them a Meal’ ( so please go to the website; under ‘Find', enter the last name ‘Woosley’ and the password ‘5459’.

Take Them a Meal (Nina) - Thank you to everyone who has provided a meal or who is signed up to provide a meal to Nina and the Gross household, as Nina continues to recover from hip replacement surgery. Please go to the same site as listed above, and search ‘Gross’ under the Find option. The code is, 5336.

Take Them a Meal (Kathy) - Please consider signing up to provide a meal to Kathy and Arnie Doyle following Kathy’s recent heart by-pass surgery. She reports a mild anemia and asks that no sweets be provided, but would appreciate protein to help alleviate this challenge. Go to and under Find, enter Doyle and the password 7526. Kathy is especially thankful for your continued prayers!

Hospitality Committee - We have a table specifically to greet visitors and help others to get connected to the Hope Community Church family! We have information on Salt Shakers, small groups, men's Bible study, upcoming events etc. and have a nice gift for first time guests. We always looking for volunteers to host the table and assist with cookie and coffee set-up. Please see Sarah Todd Severs or Cindy Roberts for additional information.

Help with the Nursery & Elementary Sunday School Classes - Kelly continues to need your help with these classes. Please pray about volunteering and consider giving one Sunday per month or even every other month to help build this critically important program for the growth of Hope Community Church!

Dedicated Prayer Group - This small group is focused on engaging the Holy Spirit in prayer for Hope Community Church and on individual needs as they are brought to us, utilizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This group met this past Monday at 7 PM, but will be moving back to Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM. They will continue to meet at Sid Langrall’s home. Any questions should be directed to Pat Patterson.

Saturate  Augusta - Please continue to pray for the people in Augusta County who have received the materials distributed on September 7th!  Let us specifically pray for all those seeking to know more about Jesus, and for their salvation. In follow-up to the event, there will be a meeting of those who participated to celebrate successes and pray for our communities on October 7th at Church on the Hill. We’ll be gathering at 6:30 p.m.

Bless Every Home - As we prepare for Saturate Augusta, we invite you all to visit and sign up to pray for those we will be reaching with the gospel!

Helen Wilson - It was amazing to see Helen at worship last Sunday for the first time in several months! Praise God and His provision during this long and difficult road! Helen now resides at Stuarts Draft Retirement Community and Christian Homes at 94 Mountain Vista Drive, Stuarts Draft, Virginia 24477. She is receiving assisted living services at The Meadows, Room C 112. Please continue to keep Helen in your thoughts and prayers.

Tom Dewey - Praise God for His healing in the life of Tom & Isabel Dewey! Tom also made it back to worship with us last Sunday after months of recovery following his accident & multiple surgeries to address his injuries. Please continue to pray for he and Isabel as the healing process is ongoing.